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Video production has always been a tremendous passion of mine, particularly for YouTube shows. Honestly, I've always admired the idea of being a YouTuber, but I used to feel too shy and self-conscious about my appearance. Looking back, perhaps it was for the best as it afforded me ample practice behind the camera. When I first moved to NYC, I was fortunate to be hired by Business Insider, and I hit the ground running, swiftly becoming a go-to editor and shooter for numerous projects. Below are some works that I contributed to, helping shoot and edit content for both the main Insider channel and food pages.

Video Editor | Motion Designer

Videographer | Editor

Video Editor | Animator

Videographer | Assistant Editor

Lets talk Mogrts. Essential for large teams with multiple editors working on the same series. A mogrt allows the editor the ability to implement graphics without needing a motion designer. How??? Well, it's basically a template that a motion designer can make! This cuts the need for back and forth reviews and revisions when copy changes. Allowing the editor control of things like the text in lower thirds, or the location on a map, without changing the graphic or animation.
Branding these shows for Insider meant making sure graphics could easily be passed between each editor. This meant lower thirds, titles, background elements, and transitions all had to be templated.

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