The good, the bad, the beautiful (jk)
🎥 Brett Jordan | Motion Maestro 🚀
📍 Brooklyn, NY
💡 Motion Graphics | 3D Product Renders | Designer
I'm your friendly neighborhood Motion Guy from the vibrant streets of Brooklyn, NY! 🌆 Armed with pixels and creativity, I specialize in breathing life into visuals through the "magic" of 2D animation, 3D product renders/highlights, and design.
Dare I say, I wear the badge of a jack-of-all-trades proudly. Constantly on a quest to learn, I wield a formal design education in typography and graphic design, coupled with a thrilling 7-year saga in the realm of professional motion design and video creation. (I'm also a bit of a nerd if ya can't tell).
🚀 My background includes collaborating with stellar teams from the likes of Insider, Curology, ByHeart, theSkimm, SEIU, and many others. Together, we've cooked up visual symphonies that have garnered over a billion views across the realms of Instagram and YouTube – yeah, that's billion with a 'B'! 🌟
💡 Whether I'm sculpting pixels or pushing the boundaries of design, I'm always up for a challenge. Let's create some visual magic together or chat about the latest design trends over a cup of coffee. ☕✨
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